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According to the most recent government statistics that are available for Ohio, drug addiction is increasingly becoming a more serious threat in the state; thus increasing the need for quality drug rehabilitation programs. An Ohio drug rehab can help an addict that is in need of treatment to overcome their drug addiction. Often times, by the time an individual reaches out for the professional help that is available from a drug rehab center, they have already suffered many devastating losses due to their drug addiction problem. When an individual does make the decision to finally reach for help; this is the time for their loved ones to rally around them and assist them in finding an Ohio drug rehab facility, which would be most suitable for their particular circumstances.

Choosing an Ohio drug rehab center for drug addiction can be a difficult process; but it is a worthwhile endeavor. There are so many different types of treatment which include inpatient, outpatient, short term and long term treatment for substance abuse. In an Ohio outpatient drug rehab, the individual that is being treated for a drug addiction usually goes to the treatment facility on various days for sessions that last a specific number of hours; very few people that have just recently struggled with a moderate to severe substance abuse problem can flourish with such a limited amount of care. Many individuals with a substance abuse problem will choose a local Ohio drug rehab facility in order to remain close to home, but often times this decision can lead to a drug relapse. Very few individuals in the primary stages of abstinence can fully reap the benefits from treatment when the drug rehab center is located so close to the place where they were actively engaged in substance abuse. In a residential drug rehab program, the individual lives at the center full time and they are able to fully immerse themselves into the treatment process that is available, without any distractions. The National Institute for Drug Abuse (NIDA) studies has consistently reported that the best course of treatment for a drug addiction problem is long term inpatient drug rehabilitation that lasts a minimum of 3 months.

The negative effects of drug addiction can have devastating effects on the loved ones that are close to the individual that is struggling with the problem. Drug addiction consistently wreaks havoc on relationships and can cause job related problems, also. Drug addiction also commonly has a negative impact on the addict's physical and mental health. If an individual does not seek the immediate help of an Ohio drug rehab center, they may continue to suffer many losses in relation to their active substance abuse status. The only way that an individual with a drug addiction can avoid these dire consequences, is to locate a drug rehabilitation program that has a successful history in treating drug addiction. In order for the Ohio drug rehab center to design an unique treatment program to best suit the individual, information in regards to the drug or alcohol addiction can be shared during the initial assessment; this data will go a long way in helping to determine what type of treatment should be readily administered. It is important to have a sense of urgency in choosing an Ohio drug rehab program; as it is all too common for an addict to minimize their drug problem if they have too much time to contemplate their decision. When you are dealing with something as serious as a drug addiction, procrastination can sometimes have devastating consequences, as in the case of a fatal overdose.

  • The diversion and abuse of OxyContin and Vicodin both represent a significant drug threat to the state of Ohio.
  • In Ohio, the use of club drugs such as ecstasy, GHB, ketamine and LSD has steadily increased, especially in urban areas of the state.
  • Most areas of the state of Ohio have reported decreases in the availability and abuse of meth, although it continues to be reported among whites that are between the ages of 20-30. Purity levels on meth in Ohio vary widely, ranging from 7.4% to 100%.
  • In Ohio, marijuana is a drug threat to the state, and is by far the most widely abused and readily available illicit drug throughout the state.
  • In the state of Ohio, heroin distribution and abuse are increasing. Heroin signature analysis has indicated that South American and Mexican black tar is by far, the most predominant. The average purity level of heroin that is sold in the state of Ohio is 52%.
  • Crack cocaine and powder cocaine are the most primary drug threats in the state of Ohio. The availability of crack cocaine is high in reporting areas throughout the state. The average purity level for powder cocaine that is sold in Ohio is up to75%.
  • According to the 2004-2005 National Survey on Drug Use and Health( NSDUH )results for the state of Ohio, approximately 8% of citizens in the state that are age 12 or older have reported using an illicit drug in the last month.
  • Over 10% of citizens in the state of Ohio that are age 12 and older have reported past year marijuana use.
  • In the same NSDUH survey, individuals that are age 12 and older in the state of Ohio have reported the past year use of an illicit drug other than marijuana.

If you or someone you know in the state of Ohio needs help with a drug addiction, quality drug rehabilitation is available in Ohio. Contact an Ohio drug rehab facility today to speak to an intake counselor that understands substance abuse and can recommend the best possible course of treatment for drug addiction.

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Ohio Drug Information and Drug Trafficking

Drug information resources in Ohio share that the primary drug threat in Ohio is powder and crack cocaine. The most violent crimes in the state are attributed to its distribution and abuse. Also, the rising availability of high-purity, low cost heroin is creating a large user population with a greater physical risk to users, who are younger than ever before.

In the northern Ohio region, South American and Mexican black tar heroin are prevalent, while in the southern Ohio region, Mexican black tar heroin is predominant. Marijuana remains the most abused drug in the state. Ohio is a source area for marijuana cultivation, as well as a distribution point for Mexican marijuana from the southwest border. Club drugs and MDMA (ecstasy) are also growing in popularity in urban areas. Meanwhile, methamphetamine manufacturing and use are increasing, but has not reached the levels of other states in the Midwest.

In Ohio, cocaine and crack combined constitute the greatest drug threat in the state. Cocaine is transported into Ohio from the southwest border, including California and Texas, as well as from Miami, Florida and New York City. Detroit, Michigan and Chicago, Illinois serve as transshipment points and distribution centers for cocaine shipped from the southwest border and transported throughout Ohio.

Mexican and Dominican criminal groups and to a lesser extent other ethnic criminal groups are the principal transporters and wholesale distributors of multi-kilogram quantities of powdered cocaine in Ohio. Gram quantities sell between $100-$120, ounce quantities, $750-$1400, and kilograms $22,500 - $32,000. The purity levels for cocaine HCL range from 32.54 to 72.75 percent. Purity levels for crack cocaine range from 19 to 63.7 percent. The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services data indicates that the number of treatment admissions for cocaine abuse for 2003 was 9,879.

Drug information from Ohio notes that heroin distribution and abuse are increasing in the state. Heroin signature analysis indicates that South American and Mexican black tar are prevalent in the northern Ohio region. In the southern Ohio region Mexican black tar heroin is predominant. Dominican criminal groups control the distribution of South American heroin, while Mexican criminal groups control the distribution of Mexican black tar heroin.

Ohio drug trafficking sources revel that at the retail-level, African-American, Dominican, and Mexican criminal groups are involved in heroin distribution. Heroin is shipped into Ohio from major distribution centers such as Chicago, Detroit, New York and various cities along the southwest border. Heroin is also transported on commercial airline flights into Ohio.

Wholesalers use major Ohio cities such as Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and Toledo as distribution centers for smaller cities in and outside the state. Gram quantities sell between $140-$250 an ounce in quantities worth $2400-$7000. The purity levels range from 23.5 to 57 percent. The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services data indicates the number of treatment admissions for heroin abuse increased overall from 6,878 in 2002 to 7,416 in 2003.

In Ohio, manufacturing and use of meth are increasing. Local independent criminal groups, outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMG's) and, to a lesser extent, Mexican criminal groups are primarily responsible for shipping methamphetamine into and distributing it throughout Ohio. Methamphetamine is also shipped into Ohio predominantly through mail and package delivery services.

Methamphetamine distribution has also increased at "Raves" and on college campuses in Ohio. Purity levels range from 7.425 to 100 percent. Amphetamine/methamphetamine abuse in Ohio is prevalent and comparative to rates of abuse in other states in the region.

The use of Club Drugs such as Ecstasy (MDMA), GHB, Ketamine, and LSD has steadily increased in Ohio. Club Drugs are growing in popularity among young adults and juveniles, particularly in most urban areas of the state where "Rave" parties are also increasing. MDMA is the club drug of choice and represents the greatest future threat to Ohio's youth.

Most MDMA available in Ohio is produced outside the United States, typically in laboratories in the Netherlands and Belgium and transported through express mail services and by couriers on commercial airlines through distribution centers such as Miami, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. MDMA also reaches Ohio from Canada via New York and is transported via the interstate highways and public modes of transportation. Most traffickers of MDMA are loose-knit independent entrepreneurs. Retail dealers typically are suburban teenagers, usually high school or college students. The pills are sold at an average of $25 per pill.

Ohio drug information sources share that marijuana continues to be the most widely abused and readily available illicit drug throughout the state. The available supply of marijuana ranges from pound to multi-hundred pound quantities. The rural areas of Ohio provide an adequate environment for the outdoor cultivation of cannabis, most of which occurs in the southern part of the state.

In northern Ohio, the use of hydroponics and other sophisticated indoor growing techniques that produce sinsemilla with a high THC content continues to increase. Mexican marijuana is also frequently encountered in the state of Ohio. The marijuana is shipped from the southwest border states. Large quantities are shipped into Ohio mainly overland, and smaller quantities through package delivery services and the mail.

Mexican criminal groups are the dominant wholesale suppliers of marijuana in Ohio. They supply multi-hundred kilogram quantities of marijuana to most districts throughout the state. Local independent and Jamaican criminal groups also are responsible for shipping and distributing wholesale amounts of marijuana into Ohio in multi-kilogram quantities.

Ounce quantities of marijuana sell between $100-$250, pound quantities $800-$4000, and kilogram quantities $1800-$3000. The Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services data indicates that the number of treatment admissions for marijuana abuse increased from 17,896 in 2002 to 17,952 in 2003.

In the state of Ohio, the diversion and abuse of OxyContin represent a significant drug threat. OxyContin, a powerful pain reliever whose effects are the same as other opiate derivatives, is obtained legally through prescriptions as well as illegally on the street. Formerly seen as a drug of abuse primarily among the Caucasian population, law enforcement officials in Ohio report increasing abuse among African Americans.

According to the Ohio Department of Alcohol and Drug Addiction Services, youth abusers of OxyContin have begun abusing heroin since they can no longer obtain or afford OxyContin. Continued incidents of overdoses and drug-related deaths were reported throughout the state during 2003. Also, a direct connection between abuse of this drug and drug-related robberies has been established.

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